Friday, September 22, 2017

Fall Bucket List

Happy First Day of Fall!!!!! be completely honest, I have been ready for fall since about mid July. I may or may not have made a loaf of pumpkin bread and lit a fall candle while it was still 100 degrees outside. What can I say...fall is my favorite time of year. I love early morning walks around our neighborhood breathing in the crisp air and watching the progression of the changing leaves. I love the colors of fall...fiery reds, burnt oranges, deep greens and purples. I love the feeling of waking up, putting on a really cozy sweater and enjoying a hot beverage. I thought it would be fun to make a fall bucket list and see how many things I will be able to experience this fall! What's on your fall bucket list?

2. Take an early morning hike in the mountains 
3. Take a fall foliage drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway
4. Enjoy a mug of homemade hot chocolate
5. Make Caramel Apples
6. Visit a pumpkin patch
7. Find a new favorite fall candle
8. Decorate the house for fall
9. Purchase my favorite fall flowers- mums! (burgundy and yellow are my favorite!)
10. Watch "Hocus Pocus"
12. Curl up with a cozy blanket and a good book
13. Visit Old Salem
14. Wear my favorite fall sweater
15. Enjoy the views at our favorite vineyard, Baker-Buffalo Creek Vineyard & Winery
16. Bake an apple pie
17. Make a big batch of chili
18. Enjoy an outdoor fire and make s'mores
19. Buy muscadines at the farmer's market
20. Enjoy time with family

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Fashion Crush: Fall Layers

Happy Friday!

One of my favorite things about fall and the colder weather is layering. I love layering different patterns and textures together. A plaid button up shirt with a cozy wool sweater...a quilted vest with a fun patterned scarf...or even adding monogrammed boot cuffs to finish off a look. Fall is a great time to experiment with layering because there are so many colors (such as rust, oxblood, blush, or olive) to mix with fun patterns or fabrics (such as stripes, leopard, velvet or suede). Below are some pictures I use as inspiration when creating a layered look for fall.


blair-eadie-atlantic-pacific-hamptons-4.jpg (4480×6720)

Fairytales+8+small.jpg (650×975)

gmg-vermont-fall-colors-1000240.jpg (1360×2036)

blair+eadie+atlantic+pacific+plaid+fall+10.jpg (1067×1600)

98eccf6ec0b5e3e0c706a3bd68084e45--orange-sweaters-fall-sweaters.jpg (650×650)

7531d22c97c749aa55d717d191a402a9--julia-engel-hair-julia-hengel.jpg (320×479)

d99605b7fef6eaa3c03a1a7dd9c7aecf--bright-winter-outfits-preppy-outfits.jpg (650×921)

Above photos via Pinterest.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday Fashion Crush: Leopard Print

Happy Friday!

I am so happy we are finally in the month of September because that means we are getting closer to breaking out all things fall! One of my favorite prints for fall is leopard. I tend to use it as a neutral in my wardrobe, paring it with denim, layering it with stripes or mixing it with colors such as red, burgundy and pink. My favorite way to wear the print is with shoes...I am obsessed with all leopard print shoes. It adds such a fun finishing touch to any outfit whether for a casual date night out or a fun look for work. Here are some great inspiration pictures to help you add a touch of leopard to your outfits this fall!

8a7b42d31ab46ca1c3987526a9d41f3b--winter-office-outfit-office-outfits.jpg (736×1217)

77c8dad7da0b1198a68bbc9123eb7c5d--leopard-print-coat-leopard-prints.jpg (389×518)

10ece35c17fa54e2152ed8a08744c08e--high-waisted-shorts-denim-shorts.jpg (600×910)

a3e323da2e4aaba5f675bb88f8fbd227--outfits-for-teens-winter-outfits.jpg (530×794)

4b3b19b17f0c3c851fdb735e5f4c353e--leopard-fashion-leopard-coat.jpg (640×886)

f31c36a0d69e5b6ca240e4e5f92b7fb0--leopard-print-outfits-leopard-print-coat.jpg (600×900)

bb0e66458d5f941ade89b71710b6472a--leopard-print-ankle-boots-leather-ankle-boots.jpg (712×950)

Above photos via Pinterest.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017