Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday Fashion Crush: Penny Loafers

Happy Friday!

With the fashion industry slowly changing the gears towards fall, I have been thinking about all of my cool weather favorites. My favorite footwear during the cooler months is penny loafers. I recently got these from GHBass as a birthday gift and cannot wait to pair them with jeans, navy dress pants, even dresses! Loafers are great for the transitioning months between summer and fall, because they look like fall, but are still cool and comfortable on your feet. Below are some great ways to style your loafers for the upcoming months!

c7f73f8ac755c6861b0eb731659b2a52--womens-loafers--penny-loafers-for-women-outfits.jpg (630×630)

Sarah-Vickers-Closet-4.jpg (564×832)

0315aa770fa827819887d9c760bd4ab0--smart-casual-outfit-casual-outfits.jpg (736×1104)

6c7a52cc70537ea1d55970c8371166bd--the-farm-preppy-fall.jpg (650×1032)

1ce6cd9491486528f6b4ca64349d3fb8--bicycle-basket-bike-fashion.jpg (500×746)

f502e917b09ccd1e56318bf9e0632d95--cuffed-jeans-skinny-jeans.jpg (736×1104)

Above images via Pinterest.

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