Thursday, August 10, 2017

Friday Fashion Crush: The Perfect First Day of School Outfit

Happy Friday!

Even though I am no longer a student preparing for the first day of school, I am a teacher who gets equally excited about purchasing new school supplies and figuring out the perfect first day of school outfit. Back-to-school shopping is something that I have always enjoyed and will continue to enjoy for years to come! Below are some of my top picks for back-to-school whether you are a student or a teacher!

For Students:

Carly-1024x1537.jpg (1024×1537)

bWinterWedges-2.jpg (1000×1504)

a259bfc95938852f879cafc8c6c7b4a2--denim-dresses-sheath-dresses.jpg (736×1104)

bfb47e53ecff65ad066625e1c6ab5e5e--my-spring-college-fashion.jpg (684×1024)

For Teachers:

Vickers+Clubbing+5+small.jpg (650×975)

2.-collared-shirt-with-sweater-and-accordion-skirt.jpg (601×732)

0b860d92ce8547d8d7ecea352eb4960f--preppy-fashion-classic-fashion.jpg (650×1014)

unnamed-4.jpg (848×1272)

d3ea4c211cfbbc40ca2a47ac35ce21df--teacher-clothes-work-clothes.jpg (586×880)

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